Other pertinent missions of Wagner Farm Rescue Fund

Mission 1

  • Bring national attention to the plight of farm animals and their rescuers and what farm animal rescue in general entails.
  • Bring national attention on the challenges of rescuing domesticated farm animals, especially those who are in living situations such as being owned by park districts or other community governed entities.
  • Bring national attention to other farm animals that are exploited for human entertainment-related purposes.

Mission 2

Establish local chapters on a national level of organizations such as Wagner Farm Rescue Fund so that farm animal welfare advocates in other similar communities and circumstances have an established, cohesive means of advocating for farm animal welfare along with the opportunity to network nationally with other such farm animal rescue chapters.

Mission 3

Work with both our sister organization and coalition, Have A Heart Farm and The H.E.A.R.T. Coalition (Helping Each Animal Receive Time), in the establishment and ongoing maintenance of the Have A Heart Farm animal rescue sanctuary and its mission of a humane non-caged and community interactive placement site for farm animals, dogs, domestic cats, feral cats,  and wildlife, with a special focus on animals with varying special needs.

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