In Memory of

William Stewart DoséIn Memory Of
William Stewart Dosé
1954 – 2007
A Founding Board Member
of Wagner Farm Rescue Fund

Bill was tragically killed in a car accident on December 10, 2007

Wagner Farm Rescue Fund will always continue to be encouraged
and guided in our mission on behalf of animals by his loving spirit
which we know is always with us.

Bill was the artist who designed this original Wagner Farm Rescue Fund logo.

IJeffrey_Bierign Memory Of
Jeffrey D. Bierig
1952 – 2010
Jeff was both the publicist and a Board Member of
Wagner Farm Rescue Fund and Have a Heart Farm

Jeff died June 23, 2010 from Leukemia
He was a dear friend who was kind, compassionate, and unwavering
in his dedication to helping us with our welfare mission.

We are grateful for our time with him, and know that he will always
be with us and watching out for us.

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