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About Our Organization

Wagner Farm Rescue Fund (W.F.R.F.) was founded from a need to establish a humane alternative to slaughter for the farm animals of the Glenview (IL) Park District’s Wagner Farm when these animals are no longer wanted at Wagner Farm. Due to a series of events, the course of development that the Park District is taking for Wagner Farm is contrary to many of the plans that were originally established between the park district and local citizens who assisted the park district by enabling them to purchase Wagner Farm through a taxpayer supported referendum in 1998.
New plans by the park district included the selling of unwanted Wagner Farm animals for slaughter, ultimately including the implementation of 4-H programming in which project animals are sold yearly to slaughter auction despite humane placement and even financial compensation offered by W.F.R.F. Through this programming, the park district is now essentially promoting the scandal-ridden slaughterhouse and agribusiness industry. In order to provide humane alternatives, W.F.R.F. continues to work toward seeing the sale to slaughter 4-H program outcomes revised to require humane outcomes.

How Wagner Farm Rescue Fund Raises Funds

Wagner Farm Rescue Fund (W.F.R.F.) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Illinois corporation. We welcome support from individuals, corporations, and foundations to maintain our ongoing efforts to promote humane treatment, good living conditions, finest available medical care, transportation, sanctuary placement, and lifetime care for both current and former Wagner Farm animals.

About Our Founder

Debby Rubenstein Founder / President

  • Wagner Farm Rescue Fund
  • Have A Heart Farm (sister non-profit of Wagner Farm Rescue Fund) www.HaveAHeartFarm.org
  • The H.E.A.R.T. Coalition (HELPING EACH ANIMAL RECEIVE TIME) – an animal advocacy action group on Facebook

Debby Rubenstein has been an animal rescuer since childhood. Her education background includes state teaching certification in early childhood education and a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Special Education.

She is a public advocate for veganism and has lectured at the college level on effective community advocacy.

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